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Why would I want to rent my textbook?
Rental textbooks enable you to enjoy the use of a textbook you may not want or need once the class ends, while providing significant cost savings.
What do I need to bring with me to rent a textbook?
You’ll need a college printout of your class schedule, a photo ID, your student ID #, and a credit card. (Visa, Master Card or Discover)

Can I write in or highlight my textbooks?
Some highlighting is okay, but no writing. Books must be returned in resalable condition, without damage of any kind. The Bookstore will determine whether a book is in resalable condition.
Can I purchase my Rental Textbooks?
Yes. We'll subtract the amount you paid to rent from the retail price.
What do I do if I drop a class?
If you drop a course, you MUST RETURN the textbooks to the Bookstore immediately, with a copy of your drop slip and the original receipt. 
When the semester ends, what do I do with my Rental Textbook?
You will need to bring your Rental Textbook back to the Bookstore by the due date. We’ll check in the textbook, give you a receipt that confirms you returned the book in resalable condition, and send you on your way. No receipt is needed to return a rental at the end of the semester. You can also return it BEFORE the deadline if that's more convenient.
Why are there limited titles available for rental?
Many factors go into determining which titles are able to be rented; we work closely with our wholesaler to be able to offer a significant selection of rental titles each semester.
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