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Do I need my original receipt to sell back my books?
No, just bring your books.
Will you buy back books that I didn't buy at the Bookstore?
Usually. If there's any national demand for your textbook, you can sell it at Buyback.
How much money will I get back for my books?
We purchase books through both Retail buys & Wholesale buys. Retail buyback refers to the textbooks that the CGCC Bookstore is buying to be used on campus next semester. You get more money back for these books (approximately 50% of the new price of the book, depending on factors such as the Bookstore's quota and the condition of the book) because they will be staying on campus. Wholesale buyback refers to the textbooks that are being bought back by our textbook wholesaler. The amount you are paid for your textbooks is based on national demand, and is 0-40% of the new price. Come early to get the best price for your book, since after the Bookstore fills its quota for a certain textbook, the price rolls over to wholesale
CGCC Bookstore
4400 Route 23
Hudson, NY 12534
Phone: 518-828-4181